Primary DNS

Manage your records and scale worldwide!

House domain’s zones

Have a domain zone “in house” and choose how you want to provision them.

Your authoritative name server

Your own DNS servers under your control, and manage them with simplicity!


Add multiple DNS servers, in different cloud providers, on multiple data-center locations and avoid DNS problems like DoS attacks.

Manage DNS, and scale it worldwide.

The domain name system (DNS) is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for network devices, services and other resources that have internal connectivity or internet connectivity. DNS associates information with domain names and binds it to IP addresses.

Our DNS service is using multiple methods for speeding up DNS lookup times, allows you to add load-balancing, and provides global coverage using networks in multiple data-centers.

With presence in multiple data centers and various partners that provision public IP addresses we offer supreme up-time and redundancy. In addition, we can enable you to use DNSSEC to have even better protection!

We can help with whole scope of DNS service and specific configuration like:

Manage DNS zones

DNS Zone is basically a database that contains all of the authoritative information for a domain, including identity of the domain administrator, its IP addresses and other resource records. Resource records contain domain names with corresponding IP addresses. Have multiple zones and define who is the primary DNS server for each zone.

  • A records; links a domain to an IPv4 address
  • AAAA record; links a domain to an IPv6 address
  • MX record; assigns a mail server to a domain
  • NS record; identifies authoritative DNS servers for a domain

DNSSEC, a secure DNS

DNSSEC strengthens authentication in DNS using digital signatures based on public key cryptography. With DNSSEC, it’s not DNS queries and responses themselves that are cryptographically signed, but rather DNS data itself is signed by the owner of the data.

Use a set of extensions and provide your clients:

  • Origin authentication of DNS
  • Authenticated denial of existence
  • Data integrity